Mr. Feeny, man

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Let’s see whats up with these grips. #vans #vanscult #fixedgear #flfixed #bikejax #spyderco

Eating habits.

Normal texts from @blakemchl

My red-lipped lady @blakemchl makes pictures of me slightly less goobery. How beautiful is she?

Hearing crazy shit about my parents is way better than witnessing their trainwreck lives first-hand. Fuck you, you shitty fucking parents. Glad I’m not being affected or having to deal with your crazy anymore.

If you want out of a bad situation, fight. It works.


How to Juice

Legendary Cro-Mags frontman John Joseph schools us on how to make a proper juice and smoothie.

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Modern Baseball ft Dan Lambton

South East Beast Festival

Jacksonville, Fl

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Perfect night. @blakemchl
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